These have been intense months for the book. I finally found a very detail-oriented group of beta-readers and Pearl got a face-lift. Typos and weird expressions are gone; well, not all, just those that were unintentional.

The guys that helped me are very talented writers and you will be hearing more about them. 

With, hopefully, no mistake The Pearl (Elearah Chronicles, Book 1) is again free for download from 4-6-2013 to 4-8-2013. Tell your friends, family and co-workers, post it in facebook or tweet about it. All help is highly appreciated. :)

If you miss this one, don´t worry. I will setup another one in a couple of months. And, maybe, will do a firesale dropping the price sometime in the middle. To make sure you don´t miss it, register to the newsletter. Those who are already register can tell you I don´t bug them much. 

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    I haven't read The Pearl yet but I am looking forward to it. I know the author is fantastic. :)

    from Louisiana, USA