I want to thank all those who made a leap of faith and bought the book, friends and family... and those who are not friends or family. 

Today and tomorrow, that is Feb. 26 and 27, 2013, the book will be available for free. So if you do have that spark of curiosity but you don´t want to waste money - picking up yet another book plagued with mistakes - this is your chance. You will still have to do a time investment. I hope you read at least the first five chapters; the book should carry you from there.

If you do pick up the book, please talk about it. Do not be shy. In a market that is so beautifully chaotic, and offer so many opportunities for people to show their work, to stand out is an interesting challenge. Your voice counts, your voice supports the writers who write what you like.

Download The Pearl for free (and read it, and tell me all about it!). 

Sandra :) 

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