When writing The Pearl, I came back and forth a couple of times between long or short chapters. Finally I decided to make them short, one per situation. 

The list of chapters is what follows. 


Chapter 1: The City Of Guan-Jian

Chapter 2: Soft Spots And Kumis

Chapter 3: A Restorative Bath

Chapter 4: The Legend Of The Obelisk

Chapter 5: Ashes And Soap

Chapter 6: Unexpected Visitors

Chapter 7: Foes From Home

Chapter 8: The First Born

Chapter 9: The Bolting Horse

Chapter 10: Two Places At A Time

Chapter 11: Almost There

Chapter 12: The North Fortress

Chapter 13: The Hu-Man Girl

Chapter 14: Cherry Blossom

Chapter 15: The Looking Mirror

Chapter 16: Symbols And Intent

Chapter 17: The Wall Of Destiny

Chapter 18: The Hu-Man Seer

Chapter 19: The Golden Dragon

Chapter 20: A Big Appetite

Chapter 21: News From The King

Chapter 22: The Six Dragons

Chapter 23: Secrets And Love

Chapter 24: Huo´s Palace

Chapter 25: The Laced Dresses

Chapter 26: Two Knocks On The Door

Chapter 27: Dinner At The King´s Court

Chapter 28: Briefing Meeting

Chapter 29: The Lan-Se Blade

Chapter 30: The Blue City

Chapter 31: Under Siege

Chapter 32: Ready To Leave

Chapter 33: The Tiny Prince

Chapter 34: An Act Of Kindness

Chapter 35: The Black Arrow

Chapter 36: Huo Camp

Chapter 37: Unexpected Solution

Chapter 38: The Green Dragon

Chapter 39: Back to Camp

Chapter 40: A Very Short War

Chapter 41: The Unsuspected King

Chapter 42: Family Business

Chapter 43: Winter Games

Chapter 44: A New Body And A Kiss

Chapter 45: Fang

Chapter 46: The One She Could Feel

Chapter 47: Three Roses And A Flower Bed

Chapter 48: On Their Way

Chapter 49: Too Much Of A Good Thing

Chapter 50: The Black Castle

Chapter 51: Kukku´s Castle

Chapter 52: The Soul Eater

Chapter 53: The Mantle Of The Goddess

Chapter 54: A New Beginning


Appendix 1: Characters Review

Appendix 2: Weird Words That Are Not Names

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